For Sellers

Your Guideline to Selling. "Helping you MOVE into the next chapter of your life!"


This is probably going to be our first meeting and the first time I see the inside of your home. During this visit we will have discussions about your motivations, conditions of the home, the selling process, marketing strategies for your personal situation and home preparation suggestions.


The art of pricing your home seems simple on the surface but can have the single largest impact on how quickly or slowly your home sells. Too high: it gets passed over, too low: people wonder what’s wrong, just right: brings in the offers and in many cases, causes a bidding war!

Make Ready

An integral part of placing your home on the market is make ready, or preparation. This is the time to finish all those ‘honey dos’ so that potential buyers do not see unfinished projects. Unfinished projects cost sellers thousands of dollars! During this time, it is also advised that you pare down the furniture and possessions displayed in the home so that potential buyers have room to envision their own furnishings and belongings in the home. If you have not already, during this time it is best to ‘detach’ yourself from the home and start planning for your next chapter in your new home.


Once the make ready is finished, professional photos and virtual tour are complete, information shared with other real estate professionals and our circle of friends, be prepared for showings. It is best if you leave the property for showings. During this time the potential buyer needs to be able to feel comfortable and envision themselves in the home…this is quite difficult to do when the seller is present, even in the backyard. Remember, potential buyers are looking to start their next chapters and need to be able to feel at ease.


We don’t just list your home, we market it! Your home MUST be promoted properly or no one will know it’s for sale. 100% of our marketing is based on finding buyers searching for properties just like yours. We proactively go after them and we give them what they want online when they discover your home. 

Offer & Negotiation

After a buyer has felt ‘at home’ they generally will present an offer to purchase. Many buyers find it necessary to ‘find a deal’ and throw out lowball offers. This is not a time to feel offended, but to continue the conversation with an offer to resubmit. Many times through his negotiation process mutually beneficial terms can be reached and we move to the next phase and one step closer to your next chapter in life.


Buyers will order and pay for inspections of your property once you have agreed to the terms of the contract. Again, it is best to allow the buyers time with their state licensed inspector to spend time in the house alone so that they may speak freely. Many times the results of the inspection are used to continue negotiations during the ‘option period’ on the contract. 

Contract to Close

During this phase all documents are provided to wither side (disclosures, surveys, etc.) inspections are done and repairs completed, title commitments reviewed, and the lender obtains appraisal and all final information from the buyers for their loan.


Packing and moving can be stressful! Saying ‘good bye’ to not always easy…remember you are also saying ‘hello’ to your next chapter. Since your home was pared down and staged during the preparation phase this will be easier than it would have been without prior preparation. Movers need to be scheduled weeks in advance so be sure this is done to avoid last minute panics. Utilities need to be notified so that transfer to the new owner goes smoothly.

Big Close

Congratulations! The big day has come for us to meet at the title company to sign documents. If you are buying another home locally we can request back to back closings to make the process smoother for you. After your documents are signed the keys are left fat the title company or the new owners. After they sign and their loan funds, you will received your proceeds from the sale.

Welcome to the next chapter of your life!